Download and Installation


python-discid works with Python 2 >= 2.6, or Python 3 >= 3.1.

The module discid cannot be imported without Libdiscid >= 0.2.2 installed. If you want to use it as optional dependency, import the module only when needed or catch the OSError when libdiscid is not found.

Package Repositories (Linux)

If you are using Linux, you might find python-discid in a repository used by your package manager.

These packages are known:

Your package manager will also handle the libdiscid dependency automatically.


The next-best option is to load the Package from pypi with pip:

pip install discid

You still have to install Libdiscid.

Source Code

The code is available from GitHub as zip and tar.gz.

You can always get the latest code with git:

git clone


You can use python-discid already when you put the folder discid in the same location you run your script from or somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.

System-wide installation is done with:

python install

You can test your setup (including Libdiscid) with:

python test


If you don’t have a package manager that takes care of the Libdiscid dependency, you have to download it manually.

You can find several builds and the source at

If no build for your platform is available, you have to build from source and install with:

cmake .
make install

If the last step doesn’t work for you, you might have to place the files discid.DLL, libdiscid.*.dylib or* (depending on your platform) in the same directory as you start your script from or somewhere in your PATH.